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Excellent Ways To Pimp Your Dog’s Ride On A Motorcycle

Just because we’re tooling around on two wheels doesn’t mean we have to leave our beloved four-legged best friend behind. Here at Rockstar Puppy Boutique, we specialize in all things  unique for pets and this also includes some awesome accessories for motoring with our canines.

While we’re all accustomed to seeing dogs riding in cars, we’re noticing an increase in these furry fellows hopping on board motorcycles when traveling the open road. With that in mind, consider some of these options to keep them safer on the highway:


Helmet Laws

Although humans are required by law to wear helmets when riding motorcycles on city streets, highways and byways, there’s currently no legislation in place for canines to have caps when accompanying their masters. But that doesn’t mean they can’t sport a mean helmet along with their owner. Here at Rockstar, we have dozens of styles, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

From your basic black, to a radical mohawk option, we’ve got your dog covered (literally) with these selections. For the girls on the go, we also have some more feminine choices when it comes to protecting their heads from harm.

Classic Eyewear

Those of us seasoned riders know about the dangers of getting struck by insects and other debris when we’re on the open road and we also want to protect our dogs from the many dangers that can come from eye trauma. Whether you’re looking for some cool wayfarer shades for your pet or some more protective “doggles” for your animal, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to style with these accessories, you can opt for the skull dog goggle option or perhaps a leopard print option will better suit your pet. For the ladies, we have a pink zebra pattern available, a gorgeous lilac flowered style and a optic pink choice available.


Carrier Comfort

While many dogs are easily trained or happily available to ride on the tank or sit on the rear passenger seat of a bike, this isn’t the safest option when traveling on two wheels. Thankfully there’s many carrier options when it comes to toting our dog along for the ride on a motorcycle.

You can choose a backpack that can double as a rear or front facing accessory or give them their own riding space with a rear-mounted custom carrier complete with a windshield that will have them riding in style. For safety conscious motorist, there are also options that more closely resemble dog crates or totes that will keep them completely confined when riding. Other choices offer an opening for your dog to check out the open road when riding.

Accident Assurance

One of the best reasons to consider a carrier for your pet when traveling is the peace of mind knowing they’re much safer inside these confines. If the unthinkable does occur and you’re involved in an accident, your precious pooch is better protected inside these devices. There’s also two other considerations to weigh when thinking about making this important purchase.

First, if you’re unresponsive follow this type of tragedy, emergency personnel will be able to quickly corral your pet and keep them from additional harm that can come from the second possibility. Left unrestrained, your dog could become the victim of a second accident from a passing motorist.

From a safety standpoint and a pure sense of style, consider some of these options for your four-legged best friend when traveling with them via motorcycle. You’ll feel better and your pet will be better protected on the open road.

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Using Essential Oils for Pets

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Is your Dog your Soul Mate?

We totally believe that our dogs can be our soul mates and according to some experts, it is possible to have more than 1 soul mate. Did you feel an instant connection the second you laid eyes on your pup? If so, it may be because you and your pet have an animal soul contract. If you are wondering what in the heck an animal soul contract is, check out DanielleMacKinnon.com to learn more. Animal Soul Contracts sounded weird to us at first, but once you learn more about the topic, it really makes a lot of sense. Our animals can teach us a lot about ourselves once we are able to understand why our pets are in our lives and what they are here to teach us. Animals want to help humans feel Unconditional Love. According to animal intuitive Danielle MacKinnon, our pets may act up and . Companionship is just one small aspect of how animals can help us. So now that you know how much our animals help us and how they dedicate their lives to us, don’t you think your dog is worthy of some designer dog clothes and accessories?

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Copper Dog Bowls









Rockstars have to eat too… they just eat a little better than most, and our hammered copper dog bowls will encourage your little superstar to wolf it down! Rockstar Puppy Boutique now offers an extensive selection of copper dog bowls.

There are several sizes, finishes and styles available and we can even add your dog’s name. Custom bowls take about 3-4 weeks, but we promise it’s totally worth the wait. These bowls are high quality and will lasts for years. Copper is super easy to clean and all you need to use is a rag with simple soap and water. Obviously, you would want to avoid any acidic or harsh cleaners and don’t ever use anything coarse like a brillo pad or steel wool or wire brushes as these would scratch the beautiful surface. If you are familiar with copper, then you know that it may develop a beautiful patina over time which adds character and beauty to each piece. Copper is also naturally anti-bacterial. All of our copper dog bowls are hand hammered and hand crafted by artisans in Mexico (in the exact city where copper products originated from) so you know you are getting a quality product when you buy from us.

Copper is a chemical element and comes from the latin word cuprum which means “from the island of cyprus”. Copper dates back to over 10,000 years ago and is one of the oldest metals known to civilization. Anything that comes from the earth has always fascinated us, and copper is one of the most beautiful metals and copper is one of the only metals (besides gold) that has a natural color because all other metals are white or grey. Copper is also a vital nutrient that is essential to human, plant and animal health. Copper is also energy efficient and is one of the most recycled metals. Even professional chefs prefer copper cookware over stainless steel. Since copper is completely recyclable, about 80% of the copper products today are made from recycled original copper and still retains almost all of the original characteristics.

Additionally, copper looks amazing and complement all decor styles. You may even have copper sinks in your home right now since they are more classic and less trendy. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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Keeping your Dog Safe this Summer









Keeping your dog safe during the summer is one of the most important things you can do for your pooch this season. Although the summertime is absolutely beautiful, it can be harmful to your pets. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make your dog safe this year.

When it comes to keeping your dog safe this summer, make sure you know CPR. Believe it or not, CPR works for both humans and dogs. Our pets are basically considered to be members of our family, so it’s important for us to keep them safe.

You will know that your dog needs CPR if your pooch is not breathing and has no pulse. If your pooch has no pulse whatsoever, he or she will definitely need compressions. To do this, lay your dog on its right side and place your hand over his or her ribs where its elbow touches its chest. Then begin the compressions. However, it is important to remember that your dog will not need compressions if he or she has a pulse. Check to see if your dog has a pulse after one minute, and then once every few minutes after that.

If your puppy is not breathing at all, you can give him or her CPR. For cats and small dogs, place your mouth over its nose and mouth to blow air in. If it is a medium to large dog, place your nose over its mouth to blow air in.

You can also use the Heimlich maneuver on your pet to make sure he or she is completely safe. The Heimlich maneuver is best used when your pet can’t take air in due to blocked airways. To perform the Heimlich maneuver, turn dog upside down with its back against your chest. Wrap your arms around your dog and give him or her five sharp thrusts to the abdomen. If your dog had been choking and you see the object in your dog’s mouth, promptly remove it and give him or her two more rescue breaths.

This summer, you might also notice that ticks are a huge issue for dogs. Ticks can cause Lyme disease, which can lead to a variety of nasty symptoms. Luckily, veterinarians out there such as Karen Becker can provide us with plenty of tools that will help to prevent ticks from attacking our pets.

One way that you can prevent your dog from getting bitten by a tick is by finding an effective tick-repellent. Ticks can be found in wooded area, bushes, overgrowth, meadows, clearings, and anywhere in the grass. If you don’t already have one, dog houses can also help. Dog houses can prevent nasty pests from attacking your precious puppy.

Keeping your puppy away from the heat is very important, too. As sad as it is, a dog can actually suffer from a heatstroke like a human can. While you’re enjoying the weather this year, you don’t want your dog to be suffering!

Keep in mind how heavy your dog’s fur coat is. As humans, we can wear coats and take them off, but unfortunately, dogs can’t take off their own. This can give you an idea of what your dog can and cannot tolerate during the hotter seasons. You could always have you dog groomed and shave his or her fur coat to about an inch long. This way, you will have enough fur to prevent sunburn and to keep your puppy cool all at the same time. 

If you don’t already have air conditioning, you should definitely invest in an air conditioning system to keep you and your dog cool inside of the house. If air conditioning is too much, fans can help as well, although air conditioning is preferable.

Hydration is essential to keeping your dog cool in the summer. Don’t forget to give your puppy fresh water in his or her water bowl in the house.

Do not keep your dog locked in a car during the summer. This can make your dog overheat quickly. As safe as it may seem—even with the window rolled down—keeping your puppy locked in the car for even ten minutes can really produce deadly results. If you need to pick up something at the store, leave the air conditioning on in the car and bring someone else to watch out after your puppy.

Your dog is practically a member of the family, so keep him or her safe this year with these pieces of information. Aside from that, have a fun-filled summer!

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A Few Tips on Potty Training your Adult Dog









Our dogs mean the world to us. Whenever we have an adorable, loveable puppy, we like to do a lot of fun things with them—like walk them, take them to the beach, and especially dress them up in amazing designer dog clothes. There are a lot of different things to do with a dog, especially since they’re truly our best friends. Even if they don’t appreciate the designer dog clothes we dress them up in as much as we do, they still stay true to us until the very end.

Because having a pet dog is such a load of fun, the idea of potty training doesn’t really strike us as that exciting. Actually, potty training a dog can seem like a real bore! Who wants to teach a dog how to go to the bathroom when you can be dressing up that little cutie in a new leopard print dress, or taking it out on a walk with a fancy magenta dog collar with shimmering diamonds? Unfortunately, dogs need to be trained, and going to the potty on a pee pad doesn’t come too naturally for them.

Adult dogs can be tough to train. At least when they’re puppies you can teach them habits that will stick around for life. With an adult dog, it’s harder to train them since they’re already used to the way they do things. Don’t be discouraged, though! You can teach old dogs new tricks! Here are a few tips to potty train an adult dog indoors:

1) One step you can take is to go to the vet. The vet can make sure that your dog doesn’t have a medical problem preventing him or her from going. Problems like diabetes and hormone-related issues can actually be the reason why your dog has trouble being potty trained.

2) Find a location where you want your dog to go to the bathroom. This spot will be her spot to go. When she has to go to the potty, she’ll know exactly where it is. Make sure it is in an accessible location that she won’t have difficulty getting to. For example, don’t put her bathroom in the basement if the poor dog can’t even walk up and down your steps. Putting her bathroom in a part of the house that she feels comfortable in is also a good idea.

3) When your dog knows where to go, make sure you have plenty of treats and hands for applause available. Adult dogs will love being rewarded after they go to the bathroom on the pee pads, and when you praise him, he’ll know it’s good. Most of the time, dogs get just as excited as you do when you clap your hands in approval. You’ll see that little tail wag about uncontrollably.

4) Having a backyard with a very reliable fence is also a good idea. If your dog isn’t the greatest at going indoors, it’s never a bad idea to teach him or her to go outside. Your pet will most likely scratch at the backyard door to go outside and will let you know if he or she needs to go.

5) If your dog tends to go infrequently, try to set up a stable diet for him or her.  This way, you’ll know when she has to go, which will give you plenty of time to prepare her to go on the pee pad or to go outside.

6) Artificial turf dog potties are another option. These are grass liter boxes that help to potty train your dog. They work great for patios and are easy to clean.

There you have it! These are just a few ways to train an adult dog. Remember, old dogs can learn new tricks, even if it’s just being to have them potty trained.

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SOS…What to Do if Your Pet is Lost

Id Tags Help Lost Pets Return Home SafelyCLARKS SUMMIT, PENNSYLVANIA — Have you ever had a moment of sheer panic when you call for your dog, but he or she doesn’t come? Then you probably understand what a pet owner goes through when their pet goes missing. It can happen in an instant. A conversation with another pet owner in the dog park diverts your attention from monitoring your dog. The lawn service leaves the gate open. Your dog digs under the fence. Your dog sitter leaves your pet in the backyard too long. Your dog breaks away from his or her collar on a walk.

There are so many ways it can happen, but for most pet owners, they will do just about anything to get their pet back.
“The first step to getting your pet back when lost is putting up posters in the area where your pet was lost,” said Jessica Clark, owner of Rockstar Puppy, a leading online boutique specializing in luxury dog accessories and chic dog furniture bed. “Use a color photo on the poster, and if you have the means to offer a reward, do so. It really can make a difference.”

On the poster, also include your pet’s sex, age, weight, breed, color, and any special markings.

The urgency of the situation is warranted. As the ASPCA reports, according to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), less than two percent of lost cats and only 15 to 20 percent of lost dogs are returned to their owners. Most of the pets that were returned were identified with tags, tattoos or microchips.

Id tags for dogs are one of the easiest ways to identify whether a pet is owned. While tattoos -and especially microchips – are excellent ways to find a pet owner’s information, a professional such as a veterinarian or animal shelter employee will need to research the information for you. Tags are something anyone can handle, and all it takes is a simple phone call to the number listed on the tag to reunite the lost pet with his or her owner.

Rockstar Puppy offers incredibly cute dog tags that fit the personality of any pooch. Stylish options include skull designs, sparkly stunners and luxurious looks.

However, tags or no tags, it’s important to remember these helpful tips from the Humane Society of the United States if you are ever in the situation of looking for a lost pet.

  1. Contact local animal shelters and file a lost pet report with every shelter within a 60-mile radius of your home. Visit the shelters nearest to where your pet was lost daily, if possible.
  2. Reach out to your neighborhood – walk or drive through your neighborhood several times each day, calling your pet’s name. Ask neighbors and letter carriers if they have seen your pet. Pass out posters to everyone you can.
  3. Advertise – post notices at grocery stores, community centers, veterinary offices, traffic intersections, pet supply stores and other locations. You can also place lost pet advertisements in newspapers.
  4. Go Online – check out Craigslist, local lost pet forums or the Center for Lost Pets.

However, HSUS warns pet owners to be wary of pet-recovery scams. When talking to a stranger who claims to have found your pet, ask him or her to describe the pet thoroughly before you offer any information. Meet at a safe public location – not your home – to recover your pet. Do not provide reward money to anyone prior to the safe return of your pet.

The organization also encourages pet owners to continue their search and not give up. Animals who have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners.

To find the most exclusive, high-end pet items available, visit www.rockstarpuppyboutique.com. Ultra-cool pet parents shop for the hottest pet pampering accessories at Rockstar Puppy.

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Top Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe This Spring

Healthy Safe Dogs in SpringCLARKS SUMMIT, PENNSYLVANIA – Spring is in the air, and it’s a beautiful time of year. Not only do many pet owners travel during the spring, people are outdoors more and their pets are tagging along. Whether it’s a road trip, a visit to the dog park or a stroll around the neighborhood, there are several ways you can ensure your best friends stay safe and healthy.

“One of the most important things you can do is have your pet’s identification information on him or her at all times,” said Jessica Clark, owner of Rockstar Puppy, an online pet boutique that specializes in dog accessories and designer dog clothes.

A secure collar and an ID tag with your cell phone number are critically important for any pet owner. A lost pet is a heartbreaking situation that can be easily avoided. Rockstar Puppy offers a huge variety of custom dog ID tags that range from pretty to punk and everything in between. You can keep your precious pooch safe and stylish with one of these uber-cool looks.

Microchipping is also highly recommended. Most animal shelters and veterinary clinics have microchip scanners and will gladly scan a found pet for free. It is a virtually fail-safe way to ensure your pet will be returned to you. However, it is important to note that the microchip must be registered with your current contact information.

In addition to keeping your pet safe, pet health should also be at the top of your mind this time of year. Not only does the sun finally come out in spring, the bugs do as well. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are hatching in the very places your dog frequents. These parasites can cause more harm than many people realize. Fleas are not only bothersome; many dogs are allergic to fleas, which can cause significant hair loss and discomfort. If a dog eats a flea, it can lead to tapeworms. Ticks are well known for carrying Lyme disease, an illness that can lead to significant health problems. Pesky mosquitoes are much more than a mere annoyance. They can be downright deadly to your dog. One bite from an infected mosquito can cause heartworm disease, a treatable condition if caught early. However, heartworm treatment at more advanced stages – which is usually when symptoms appear – can be very costly and require extensive veterinary care. Heartworm disease can be fatal if untreated. The good news is that these parasites can all be avoided with a monthly preventative treatment from your veterinarian for $5 – $10 per month. Compared with heartworm treatment that can run into the thousands of dollars, it is money well spent.

If traveling is on the agenda, make sure your pet always wears a dog helmet, especially if traveling on the back of a motorcycle, which is a hot trend for bikers and their best friends. Securing your dog with a harness is also a good idea. Don’t forget protective eyewear and clothing to round out your pet’s safety kit.

For everything your pet needs to be healthy, safe and stylish, visit www.rockstarpuppyboutique.com. Rockstar Puppy is the leading online pet boutique for high-end, high-style pet fashions, accessories and gifts.

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Let Your Little Rockstar Spend Valentine’s Day Living in the Lap of Luxury

Rockstar PuppyCLARKS SUMMIT, PENNSYLVANIA—There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our little rockstars! Whether they need cuddling, a vet visit, a brisk walk, a belly rub or a special treat, pet lovers everywhere are always willing to oblige. We couldn’t imagine our precious pooches not living the rockstar lifestyle!

“No matter what your relationship status is, you will always have a valentine when you have a dog,” said Jessica Clark, owner of Rockstar Puppy, the premiere online pet boutique for luxury dog furniture and high-end accessories for dogs. “Dogs give the kind of unconditional love we all hope for in a relationship, and that’s why we treasure our furry family members the way we do.”

For every tear licked away, for every afternoon nap shared, for every giddy greeting at the front door—no matter if you’ve been gone five minutes or five months—we owe some of the most precious moments of our lives to our pets. They fill our lives with a special kind of love and a deeper connection to the beauty that exists in the world around us. They bring out the best in us, and they ask for so little in return. A hearty meal, a warm bed, a gentle touch…it takes only minutes a day for us to give them all they need to be happy. In return, they give us a lifetime of escape from the hectic pace of the daily grind and with one wagging tail, they remind us to let go of the everyday worries.

This Valentine’s Day, show how much you love them right back with something nearly as special as they are. Nearly. custom dog beds are a wonderful way to deck out your doggie’s digs and provide a sanctuary that’s all theirs. Rockstar Puppy features many to-die-for biker dog clothes including decadent, over-the-top styles. But if a shabby chic dog bed is more your mutt’s style, Rockstar Puppy has you covered there too.

Nothing is too big or small to garner your pup’s appreciation, so don’t worry about finding the perfect present. They will be delighted no matter what you choose. Need a few ideas?

Rockstar Puppy has puppy presents galore. Its many gift options range from cool threads to unique toys and more. Even dog harnesses are stylish at Rockstar Puppy. And no one has a dog jewelry selection to lavish on your little lady like they do.

There are so many great ways to show your special friend how much you love them. Presents are one, but there is nothing more treasured by your pet than time. Time spent playing fetch in the backyard. Time with gums flapping in the wind on a car ride. Time with his or her favorite brush getting that coat clean and shiny. Time trotting in the dog park, just the two of you. Time on the couch in veg-out mode. Time looking into your eyes and listening to your voice say, “I love you.” It’s all they want and more.

So don’t think twice about how to say I love you, just know that whichever way you pick, your beloved pet will know exactly what you’re saying.

To find the most exclusive, high-end pet items available, visit our home page . Secure your status as one of the coolest pet parents on the planet by shopping for the best pet pampering goodies at Rockstar Puppy.

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Safe Travel Tips for You and Your Pet

motorcycle pet carriersCLARKS SUMMIT, PENNSYLVANIA – As the snow clears and warmer weather approaches, many families are hitting the road for new adventures. But for many of us, those travels just aren’t any fun without our pets. However, preparation is key to ensure road trips are both safe and fun.

The ASPCA offers several important tips to prepare for stress – free travels.

First and foremost, the animal welfare organization recommends keeping your pet safe and secure in a well – ventilated crate or carrier that is large enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down and turn around in.

“We couldn’t agree more,” said Jessica Clark, owner of Rockstar Puppy, which specializes in motorcycle dog carriers and travel accessories for dogs. “Traveling on two wheels is a luxury enjoyed by thousands of pet lovers across the country, and there are a variety of styles and materials to choose from that will keep pets safe and secure traveling on the back of a bike.”

Traveling on two wheels comes with its own set of considerations. Beyond pet carriers, motorcycle travels may require additional safety wear for pets. Rockstar Puppy carries a variety of designer dog accessories including dog helmets and cute dog tags for dogs, protective eye wear and clothing to keep your pooch safe and secure.

The ASPCA also recommends preparing a travel kit with food, bowls, a leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication and a pet first – aid kit. A favorite toy or pillow helps to give your pet the comfort of home. Packing a copy of vaccination records is always a good idea – just in case – and especially if you are traveling long distances.

In addition, feeding your pet a light meal three to four hours prior to departure is preferable, while feeding in a moving vehicle is not recommended. When it comes to water, the organization recommends using bottled water or jugs of tap water as water from unfamiliar sources may cause tummy upset.

Naturally, a microchip and a collar with an identification tag that includes a cell phone number is always important, whether traveling around town or across country.

And it should go without saying to responsible pet owners, but under no circumstances should any animal be left alone in a parked vehicle. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, whether the windows are cracked or whether you plan on only being gone five minutes, this is an absolute no – no and a cardinal sin in any animal expert’s eyes.

For many of the essentials you need for traveling both safely and in style, Rockstar Puppy is the place to go. It’s the leading online pet boutique for high – end, high – style pet fashions, accessories and gifts. For everything the coolest pet owners need for their little rock stars, visit www.rockstarpuppyboutique.com.

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